13002 HYPAK Projection Welder

Hypak Projection Welder

Hypak Projection Welder

This HY-PAK PROJECTION WELDER was designed to weld various reinforcement brackets to the front face panels of steel cabinets. To start the process, the reinforcement brackets have projections formed into them prior to beginning the welding.

The HY-PAK welder has a special laser spot to help guide the operator in correctly locating the projection to be welded directly below the welding electrode.

At this point, the operator pushes the foot switch to initiate the process for the welding and contact electrodes to extend downward and make contact with the two parts.

The welding electrode applies the welding force to the back side of the projection in the bracket using the HY-PAK fast follow-up cartridge and the weld is applied to the panel.

The contact electrode completes the welding current path as it is applied to the panel. This is an indirect welding configuration that eliminates any welding current to flow through the show surface of the panel.

The HY-PAK fast follow-up cartridge allows for the welding to occur using a very short time, high current pulse, thus minimizing the heat input.

The system produces full strength welds that become invisible on the show surface after painting.

Robert Van Otteren
Service Parts Representative
R&D Lab Welding Specialist
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