An International Partnership

Wright-K Technology, Inc. a Local, family-owned manufacturing business has partnered with international manufacturer, Arplas Welding.

Saginaw, MI—July 31, 2019

Wright-K Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce a renewed partnership with Arplas Welding of Belgium. Arplas is a world-wide supplier of Barrel and Pail Welding Equipment and Attachments and coordinated the Sales Manufacturing efforts for Newcor Bay City in the European markets in the 1980’s.

Newcor Bay City, purchased by Wright-K Technology, Inc. in 2008, started building drum welders in 1933. As a venture in 1972, Newcor decided to create Newcor Belgium to have Newcor-designed machines built throughout Europe. They licensed Arplas International to build Newcor welding machines in 1976. When Newcor exited the European market, Arplas took over activities for these machine styles. They acquired Newcor’s machine drawings and continued to modify them for increased efficiency, improved production, and decrease the footprint of the machines.

Although the partnership with Wright-K is new, the Newcor and Arplas History is robust. Wright-K has recently partnered with Arplas to help sell, service and provide spare parts for these machines throughout the United States, Canada and other countries.

Wright-K Technology is a leader in the development of Welding equipment and processes. Based in Saginaw, MI for over 80 years, Wright-K Technology has served the custom equipment & welding machinery needs of customers in the automotive, aerospace, welding, home, and commercial products industries worldwide.

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Arplas Welding is a young, enthusiastic and highly specialized drum welder manufacturer, recognized by all major drum manufacturers over the world. Over 75 of their welders are working around the world today. Arplas is the successor of Arplas International, former authorized license builder for Newcor Bay City Welders who invented the first trough feed Barrel Welder in 1933 which is copied by many today.

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