Arplas Barrel Welders

Arplas Barrel Welder systems can be easily integrated in any production line and requires minimal maintenance. Wright-K Technology and Arplas recently partnered and can now provide a full range of barrel welding equipment.

If you are looking for more flexibility, lower operational cost, reduced scrap, and a better quality weld for barrels, pails, and drums, look no further. Arplas automated welding systems produce full, structural, side-seam welds while using a less environmental resources than traditional weld techniques.

Most importantly, Arplas welders are safe and easy to use. Many of them run operator-free. Parts and service are available from Wright-K Technology as well.

Computer controls and touch screens can be integrated right into the welder and thus result in easy trouble-shooting, quality control, and communication with main company computers.

We offer the following Arplas Welding machines:

  • High speed drum welder HSP 800H
  • Medium speed drum welder HSP 800M
  • Low speed drum welder LSP 300 
  • Hand fed drum welder LSP 125 
  • Pail welder PSP 900
  • Boiler welding machine BMS 240

Rest assured with our quality system (QC System) that features: 

  • Continuous monitoring of actual weld current.
  • Continuous monitoring of secondary voltage.
  • Continuous monitoring of weld thickness with teaching system.
  • Reduces production defects
  • Integration into existing systems.

Wright-K Technology also offers a complete line of Newcor welding equipment.