Wright-K Website Development

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Website Development Wright-K Team Members diligently work on updating website to introduce a modern experience. Saginaw, MI—August 12, 2019 The Wright-K Marketing Team has spent an abundance of their busy work-days updating the existing website format, content, and media. With guidance, they put together an interactive, modern, and user-friendly [...]

An International Partnership

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An International Partnership Wright-K Technology, Inc. a Local, family-owned manufacturing business has partnered with international manufacturer, Arplas Welding. Saginaw, MI—July 31, 2019 Wright-K Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce a renewed partnership with Arplas Welding of Belgium. Arplas is a world-wide supplier of Barrel and Pail Welding Equipment [...]

Wright-K Expert Leads Welding School

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Wright-K Expert Leads Welding School Past Event Bob Van Otteren, Senior Welding Engineer teaches at RWMA's 2019 Resistance Welding School. Saginaw, MI— May 3, 2019 Wright-K Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce that Senior Welding Engineer, Bob Van Otteren, will be one of the instructors at the RWMA Resistance Welding School. [...]

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