Currents Issue 4 Vol. 2

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04/28/2020 - Issue 4, Vol. 2 Latest News Add Value To Your Business Wright-K Technology develops, tests, and verifies process improvements for your business and materials to meet your quality standards. The sole purpose of our Welding Lab is to assist your company in welding process development and [...]

Currents Issue 3 Vol. 2

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03/31/2020 - Issue 3, Vol. 2 Latest News Our Machines Will Help Your Business Friction Welding is another one of our specialties and one of the many solutions we provide our customers around the globe. Friction Welding is a solid-state joining process used to join two parts together using [...]

Currents Issue 2 Vol. 2

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02/25/2020 - Issue 2, Vol. 2 Latest News Recent Updates Last Month's Newlsetter Like us on Facebook! Meet Our Team Career Opportunities Media Hub Our Service Team Visit our Website for more! Resistance Seam Welding A resistance seam weld is made up of overlapping spot welds [...]

Currents Issue 1 Vol. 2

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1/28/2020 Latest News Last Month's Newsletter Careers at WKT Women Owned Business Machine Rebuilds Our Service Team Submit your RFQ Online! Visit Our Website Welding Solutions HY-PAK™ is a proprietary projection welding process developed by Newcor Bay City for solving problems generally associated with the [...]

Currents Issue 4 Vol. 1

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12/3/2019 The Wright-K Newsletter Latest News From Us Custom Machines We design and build custom industrial, automotive, and appliance production equipment for OEM, Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers all over the world. We conceptualize, architect, and build dependable machines that exceed our customer's performance and durablility specifications. For [...]

Currents: Issue 3 Vol. 1

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10/22/2019 The Wright-K Newsletter Latest News From Us Wright-K's Bob Van Otteren will teach RWMA's Resistance Welding School: November 12-13 in Chicago, Illinois! Senior Welding Engineer, Bob Van Otteren has been invited back to be an instructor at the RWMA Resistance Welding School. Bob had the opportunity to teach [...]

Currents: Issue 2 Vol. 1

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10/1/2019 Issue 2 The Wright-K Newsletter Latest News From Wright-K An International Partnership Wright-K Technology, Inc. a Local, family-owned manufacturing business has renewed their partnership with international manufacturer, Arplas Welding of Belgium. In 1972, Newcor decided to create Newcor Belgium to have Newcor-designed machines built throughout Europe. They licensed Arplas to [...]

Currents: Issue 1 Vol. 1

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9/10/2019 Issue 1 Welcome to Currents! The Wright-K Newsletter Keeping you current on all of our products and services Wright-K Technology is a full-service provider for many industries including automotive, aerospace, commercial, and household equipment and have been taking care of our customers since 1982. [...]