10/1/2019 Issue 2

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An International Partnership

Wright-K Technology, Inc. a Local, family-owned manufacturing business has renewed their partnership with international manufacturer, Arplas Welding of Belgium.

In 1972, Newcor decided to create Newcor Belgium to have Newcor-designed machines built throughout Europe. They licensed Arplas to build Newcor welding machines in 1976. When Newcor exited the European Market, Arplas took over activities for their machine styles. Recently, Wright-K has decided to renew the partnership with Arplas to help sell, service and provide spare parts for these machines throughout the United States, Canada and other countries.

Monthly Spotlight

Certified Service
We understand that avoiding extensive repair and costly downtime is a top priority for you and your business. Our talented engineers, electricians, and certified technicians are here to help you. We have worked on equipment from Wright-K, Arplas, Newcor, and many others.
We are based in Michigan, but we travel throughout North America and internationally to be where you need us.

Did you know?

Our Chairperson & Board of Directors Connie Kostrzewa is a 3rd Generation Business Woman!

Wright-K Technology, Inc. started in 1982 as Miles Machinery purchased by Val Kostrzewa (Connie’s Father). After he passed in 1983, she took a leave of absence from her previous job as a teacher to help out at Wright-K and she has never left.

“This is the type of business that once it’s in your blood, you never want to leave.” – Connie M. Kostrzewa

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