02/25/2020 – Issue 2, Vol. 2

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Resistance Seam Welding

resistance seam weld is made up of overlapping spot welds created by two rotating wheel electrodes that form a continuous weld. Seam welds are typically used to produce continuous gas or liquid-tight joints in sheet assemblies. Resistance Seam Welding is a high-speed and robust process when compared to other welding processes. One advantage to seam welding is that there are no filler metals required. This saves our customers money and protects their employees by eliminating harmful fumes and gasses that are typically given off by melting filler metals. We’re pros at seam welding, check out this video to see how it’s done!

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How Our Processes Help Your Business

Reverse Engineering

When you have unusual equipment and custom manufactured machines, it can be tricky to get replacement parts without disrupting your production. Luckily, we have the electrical, mechanical, welding, 3D modeling and design skills to reverse engineer industrial parts. Even if we didn’t build the machine, we can work with you to reproduce high-precision replacement parts that best fit your processes!

A Blast From The Past!

Before we were current day Wright-K Technology, part of our business was called National Electric Welding Company. They had a bi-monthly newsletter that explained their welding processes, machines, and how other types of equipment worked. Check out this 10 year anniversary issue & see how far we’ve come!

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