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Wright-K’s Bob Van Otteren will teach RWMA’s Resistance Welding School: November 12-13 in Chicago, Illinois!
Senior Welding Engineer, Bob Van Otteren has been invited back to be an instructor at the RWMA Resistance Welding School.
Bob had the opportunity to teach at the Resistance Welding School in May at RoMan Manufacturing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The RWMA Resistance Welding School is a two-day course that educates participants about the fundamentals of Resistance Welding.
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Monthly Spotlight

Silver Plating

Help ensure you’re getting the most out of your weld wheels, laminations and other copper conductors with Silver Plating! With the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal, Silver helps ensure you’re achieving the best possible connection when applied to the faying surfaces of your copper conductors. This means helping the weld joint transfer the most amount of current while generating the least amount of heat. In addition to these superior characteristics, Silver Plating will protect your copper contact surfaces from oxidation while they’re stored in your inventory.

We want to help your business keep lead time down and productivity up! Wright-K Technology, Inc. Silver plates in-house to cut the cost and help your business succeed!

Process vs. Process

Direct Resistance Heating is a process for heating electrically conductive materials by utilizing the material’s internal resistance as you apply electric current. This can be an environmentally friendly method to quickly heat an object to achieve your desired material properties. In some instances, Direct Resistance Heating can be an alternative to costly furnace heating. Lower capital investment, energy savings and localized heating are a few of the advantages Direct Resistance Heating has to offer. Contact Wright-K today to find out if your application is suited for Direct Resistance Heating!

Wright-K uses Direct Resistance Heating rather than other heating methods because it’s quicker and more energy efficient. Watch this video to see how we do it!

Need to change out your Weld Wheels? Lucky for you, Wright-K can provide OEM premium copper Weld Wheels at a discounted rate for the months of October through November!

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