04/28/2020 – Issue 4, Vol. 2

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Add Value To Your Business
Wright-K Technology develops, tests, and verifies process improvements for your business and materials to meet your quality standards. The sole purpose of our Welding Lab is to assist your company in welding process development and quality improvements by using our 100+ years of welding experience. The WKT Lab serves our customers in a variety of ways including:

– Prototyping

– Process and Project Development

– New materials evaluation

– Seam Welding

– Spot & Projection Welding

– HY-PAK & More!

Visit our website or contact us to learn more about our R&D Lab!

We’re In This Together

New Opportunities
As our valued essential manufacturers and suppliers, we are here to help with any manufacturing improvements you may wish to make at this time. We specialize in welding equipment and solutions. In addition, we have a top notch service team to help with any on-site machine and production issues. Contact us or visit our website to learn more. We’re all in this together!

We’re The Welding Experts

Your project may call for fully integrated, multi-process welding or a single stand-alone unit. Any number of variables figure into your unique application.
Let the welding experts design the optimum welding processes that are a perfect fit for your business. We investigate and understand your needs, your product, and your markets before we recommend a welding solution. Your success is our success.
Put our Engineering Team to work for you and email us for more information!

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