Assembly Systems

Wright-K Technology, Inc. has designed and built hundreds of custom Assembly Systems to meet customer needs, including dials, multi-station lines or single stations with either manual or automatic loading and unloading.  Some of our more common assembly systems have included:

  • Presses, such as hydraulic, pneumatic, and air/oil
  • Torque Equipment, either single or multiple spindle
  • Part Feeding / Placement
  • Bonding
  • Plastic Injection

n6297-1 n6297-2

Design & Build (2) Single Station Manual Load/Automatic Unload Assembly Machine to Load 10 Pairs of Spring & Roller Pairs to a 200mm Torque Converter Stator Assembly for GMPT-Ypsilanti. Production Rate is 180 Parts per Hour. (Project N6297-1)

Jim Nicoson
Engineering Manager
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John P. Sivey
President / CEO
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