HY-PAK® Welding


HY-PAK® is used to produce a structural weld between inner and outer hood panels, maintaining dimensional characteristics, without damage to material coatings.

HY-PAK® is a patented projection welding process developed by Newcor for solving problems generally associated with the welding of light gage coated sheet metal.

Projection welding is a rather tolerant process, permitting parameter variations to occur without seriously affecting the integrity of the weld. However, for light materials, the process becomes much more critical. As projections collapse under the initial force of die impact, heat is dissipated into the tooling instead of the projection causing surface discoloration.

Coated materials present additional problems. Higher currents are often required. Surface coatings are burned away, and coating material can be deposited on electrodes.




Light gauge coated sheet fuel sender brackets are HY-PAK® welded
with no breakdown of the coating.

Newcor has developed a welding process that generates a high magnitude of heat for a short duration. Teamed with our low inertia weld head that is capable of carrying a 40,000 to 60,000 amp weld pulse and the mechanical follow-up characteristics to set down the projection in less than five milliseconds.

HY-PAK® welding is an operator-friendly process. It uses standard weld schedule setups and does not require special training.


Advantages & Benefits

Modular HY-PAK® unit design provides easy integration into existing, or new lines.

Modular HY-PAK® unit design provides easy integration into existing, or new lines.

Show Surfaces Welding
Hem Welding Without Surface Rework.
Low cost
High Equipment Reliability.
High Speed
140 Welds Per Minute.
Improved Part Quality
Dimensional Variation Reduced.
Minimal Disruption of Protective Coatings
Not Affecting Corrosion Protection.
Ability to Weld Through Most Coatings
Minimal Coating Pick-up on Electrodes
Process Speed Minimizes Heat.
Coatings Against Electrodes Do Not Melt.
Minimal Water Cooling Required
Less Heat Produced.
HY-PAK is a Resistance Welding Process
Standard Set-Ups and Operation.
Does Not Require Special Training of Maintenance or Operators
Process Uses The Fundamentals of Resistance Welding.
Does Not Crush lightweight Materials
Welding Forces Are Low.
No Dangerous Capacitors or High Voltage
Process Is Very Safe.
Single Sided Welding


Hoods, doors, decks, and endgates
benefit from the HY-PAK® Process –

What Types of Material can be Welded using the HY-PAK® Process?

Bare Materials

  • Aluminum
  • Copper Alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Steel Alloys
Coated Materials

  • Dorrlform®
  • Galvaneal
  • Galvanized
  • Pre-Painted




Thin gauge stainless steel aircraft engine honeycomb seals are welded to heavier backing plates with HY-PAK® without danger of crushing or melting the lighter structure seals.Applications

Inner and outer sheet metal panels are often hemmed for cosmetic reasons. A structural bond is typically required to maintain the relative positions of the two panels after hemming. HY-PAK® welds strategically placed around the perimeter of the panel eliminates the need for spot induction curing of commonly used structural adhesives prior to final curing in paint ovens. This process eliminates inner panel movement during storage and shipping racks or paint oven baking, thus improving part quality and reducing warranty claims.
Coated Materials
Terne coated baffles and filler neck supports are HY-PAK® welded to terne coated automotive gas tank halves without coating disruption

Light Gauge Materials
Tube support brackets are HY-PAK® welded to the mounting flanges of automotive fuel tank sender brackets.


Who’s Using it
HY-PAK® Welding Hems of Hoods, Doors and Tailgates.
Welding of Fuel Tanks and Sender Units.
Sealing Gas-filled Shocks. Welding of Fuel Tanks and Sender Units.
Sealing Gas-filled Shocks.
General Motors
Fuel Tank Components. Fuel Tank Components.
General Dynamics
Aircraft Engine Honeycomb Seals. Aircraft Engine Honeycomb Seals.
Active Tool
HY-PAK® Welding Hems of Utility Vehicle Liftgates. HY-PAK® Welding Hems of Utility Vehicle Liftgates.
Massiv Die Form
HY-PAK® Welding Hems of Automotive Doors.
HY-PAK® Welding Hems of Doors and Deck Lids. HY-PAK® Welding Hems of Doors and Deck Lids.
HY-PAK® Welding Hems of Doors. HY-PAK® Welding Hems of Doors.

Recent Machines
HY-PAK Projection Welder

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