Structural welds must maintain a part’s dimensional characteristics without damaging material coatings or leaving deposits on electrodes of the weld equipment. It’s a problem that requires precise balance between the weld process and the inherent properties of light gauge coated sheet metal.

Wright-K Technology patented projection-welding process, HY-PAK®, solves this problem. Our welding process generates a high magnitude heat for a short duration. Teamed with our low inertia weld head, capable of carrying a 40,000 to 60,000 amp weld pulse, the mechanical follow-up characteristics set down the projection in less than five milliseconds.

Machine operators like HY-PAK technology because it uses standard weld schedule setups and is easy to use.

Supervisors like it because it is operator friendly and does not require special training. And, that makes the job of workforce management simple and flexible.

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We offer parts and service for HY-PAK equipment as well.

HY-PAK equipment
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