How To Identify Your Equipment

Wright-K Technology can help when you need parts or service. Our extensive heritage means that our machines will have one of the following nameplates depending on when they were manufactured or rebuilt:

  • Wright-K Technology
  • NEWCOR BayCity
  • National Electric Welding Co. (built before 1969)
  • Miles Standard Corporation

Our library of assembly drawings and build records contains all the equipment schematics from 1933 to the present. Wright-K parts representatives can investigate and research the part if you cannot identify the part number. We are here to help.

Replacement parts for equipment can be identified by the serial number on the equipment nameplate.

The serial number could be a letter, followed by a four-digit number, for example X-0000; or two letters followed by 5 numbers, for example MN00000

Here are some of our nameplates: