Newcor Standard Machines

Innovation takes many forms when you work with Newcor design and R&D technicians and engineers. Many times it can be as simple and quickly profitable as applying one or more of our unique patented technologies. The broad range of our technical know-how involves special welding technology, special forming technology, resistance heating and heat treating, automation, machine control logic and even diagnostics. Our extensive ongoing R&D has led to over 40 “industry firsts” many of which still remain unique to Newcor.

Barrels, Drums and Chime Bands

Newcor designs and build a variety of barrel and drum welders for side seam welding of various materials including:

  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Hot Rolled Steel
  • Zinc Coated Steel
  • Pre-painted Steel

Two Roll forming methods can be used:

  1. Skew Roll used for a wide range of product diameters with no tooling change or setup between different diameters
  2. Hourglass Roll used for production of single diameters with minimum setup for higher production rates

Capacity includes materials:

13-23 inches in diameter

12-43 inches long.

0.020-0.078 inches thick

Production rates range from 400 to 900 drums per hour.

Weld joint quality- planishing to 110% of parent material thickness.

Newcor provides chime band welders for those barrels and drums that are fabricated from fiber materials. These manually operated machines lap-seam weld the bands into rings. Various strip shapes and material types can be welded, such as:

  • Mild Steel
  • Electro-Galvanized Steel
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Capacity includes materials:

4 inches- maximum width of band

Material thickness from 0.019-0.038 inches in stainless and 0.050 inches in mild steel.

The design silver bearing contact head allows the operator to weld chime bands from 14-23 inches in diameter.

Production rates range from 900 to 1100 chime bands per hour depending on the operator.

Electric Motor & Compressors

The production of motor frames and similar cylindrical shaped parts has been an area in which Newcor has been an industry leader. By applying some unique metal fabrication technology involving expanding, mash seam and arc welding, notching and planishing, Newcor has developed several standard machine designs.

Line Flow Motor Frame Welder – High production machine for roll forming shells, utilizing resistance welding.

Capacities include materials:

0.040-0.104 inches thick

3.25-6 inches in diameter

1.75-12 inches in length

Clam Shell Motor Frame Welder – Designed for shells with heavier wall thickness. Mig Welding is normally used.

Capacities include materials:

0.020-0.125 inches thick

2.125-7 inches in diameter

2-12 inches in length

Newcor standard motor shell machines produce cylindrical shells at production rates of up to 750 per hour.

Tube Fabricating Processes


Machines utilizing a variety of welding technologies are available for tube mill operations. For Example, processing tubing earmarked for mandrel drawing and re-drawing, or striving for high quality products requiring smooth weld beads free from weld splatter should be using Newcor direct current tube mill welders.


Resistance Annealing Equipment can be integrated into continuous tube processing lines where the product is cold worked or cold reduced.

Projection Welding

Newcor applies projection welding to assemble blanked, stamped, formed and machined parts. Mechanical fasteners, brackets, pins, handles, clips and similar components are attached to many products this way.

An important advantage to this process is that several welds can be made in a single cycle. Also, the welds require less overlap, can be spaced closer, and can be produced with more narrow flanges than spot welds.

Weld locations are more accurate, and nugget diameter thickness is generally more consistent than those produced in spot welding.