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How to Identify Your Equipment

Do you have original equipment, Wright-K, Arplas, or Newcor machines? We’ve got the service and parts team that will set your business up for success by providing the most durable and high-quality OEM Parts.

Re-tooling and rebuilding equipment are cost efficient ways to extend the life of equipment and maximize your capital investment. There is nothing better than buying new or replacement parts straight from the source, and a team that is dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your equipment.

Our trained specialists will clean and analyze, reassemble, and inspect your parts for wear. The Wright-K team will work with you to find innovative solutions to improve the performance of your equipment and offer our guidance and knowledge when it comes to purchasing new components.

We have a library of parts schematics for all our equipment. Contact us today if you need help identifying your equipment.

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How to Identify Your Equipment

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