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Bob Van Otteren, Senior Welding Engineer teaches at RWMA’s 2019 Resistance Welding School.

Saginaw, MI— May 3, 2019

Wright-K Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce that Senior Welding Engineer, Bob Van Otteren, will be one of the instructors at the RWMA Resistance Welding School. This event will be held at RoMan Manufacturing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on May 15-16, 2019.

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Van Otteren has nearly 50 years of welding experience. He started his career with Newcor Bay City in 1978. Newcor was a founding member of the RWMA. Van Otteren joined Wright-K Technology in 2007 and has been a member of the American Welding Society (AWS) for 31 years.

“I’m excited and very grateful for this opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with others.” – Bob Van Otteren

The RWMA Resistance Welding School is a two-day course that educates participants about the fundamentals of Resistance Welding. Students leave the course with a better understanding of Theory of Application Requirements in Resistance Welding to Equipment and Setups used in various welding processes.

Van Otteren will be presenting on the process of Resistance Welding as well as the equipment and machinery in use today. Van Otteren’s extensive knowledge and experience and his friendly and engaging teaching style will assist students in preparing for their Certified Resistance Welding Technician (CRWT) certification.

Wright-K Technology is a leader in the development of Resistance Welding equipment and processes. Based in Saginaw, MI for over 35 years, Wright-K Technology has served the custom equipment & welding machinery needs of customers in the automotive, aerospace, welding, home and commercial products industries.


The American Welding Society (AWS) was founded in 1919, as a nonprofit organization with a global mission to advance the science, technology and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes, including brazing, soldering and thermal spraying. AWS strives to move the industry forward in both thought and action, as well as inspire new generations to see the exciting career opportunities available today.


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