Website Development

Wright-K Team Members diligently work on updating website to introduce a modern experience.

Saginaw, MI—August 12, 2019

The Wright-K Marketing Team has spent an abundance of their busy work-days updating the existing website format, content, and media. With guidance, they put together an interactive, modern, and user-friendly website that will reflect their work as a company. This website’s sleek appearance and well maintained software will be sure to boost sales and business.

The leader of this project was Technology Manager, Brandon Donaghy, who brings to the table 18 years of experience in managing the delivery of Information Technology projects. He has been at the forefront of this creative process, and has successfully integrated new software techniques into the website to give it a new and refreshing impression on the customers who visit it.

Manager Chris Soule, has contributed by displaying a modern and up-to-date mentality and incorporating his vision for the company into the Marketing Strategy. The website is the first step to smart business.

By continuously improving the website, they plan to always have the most accurate and current information posted for customers to see.

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Hannah Conley
Hannah ConleyMarketing Coordinator
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